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Age 40 Is the Low Point for Getting Enough Sleep | by heidi mukhtar
Heidi 27 June 2022
  Not getting enough sleep? You might be able to blame your age. A new study found that time spent sleeping declines with age, dropping to t...
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Foods High in Proline May Be Linked to Depression | by heidi mukhtar
Heidi 13 June 2022
  Almost 15% of American adults suffer from depression,1 a condition that can affect how a person thinks, feels, and handles daily activitie...
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What Are the Symptoms of Monkeypox? | by heidi mukhtar
Heidi 04 June 2022
  Unusual cases of monkeypox are cropping up around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has documented more than 550 cases in 30 ...
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Your Weird Dreams May Help Organize Your Lived Experiences | by heidi mukhtar
Heidi 02 June 2022
  You might have searched for an explanation or meaning after waking up from a strange but realistic dream. A new study found that while the...
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Have Scientists Really Found the Cause of SIDS? | by heidi
Heidi 23 May 2022
  Researchers from the SIDS and Sleep Apnoea Research Group in the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Australia reportedly found a potential...
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Mental Health Parity Rules for Health Insurance | by heidi
Heidi 16 May 2022
  Mental health parity refers to rules that prevent health insurance plans from having more restrictive requirements for mental health benef...
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A Nutritious Diet May Reduce Diabetes Risk, Regardless of Genetics | by heidi
Heidi 15 May 2022
  Developing type 2 diabetes can be a result of both genetics and lifestyle factors. While it is true that having a family history of diabet...
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